Kinetic Energy Measurements are now Online

Created: Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Acceleration traces that we collected from 5 participants which include over 200 recorded hours are now available online. These measurements can be used to asses the energy that can be harvested with kinetic energy harvesters and can be used as inputs to simulators and emulators.

The measurement study is summarized in the ACM SIGMETRICS paper below and was highlighted in the MIT Technology Review Physics ArXiv Blog in July 2013.

M. Gorlatova, J. Sarik, G. Grebla, M. Cong, I. Kymissis, and G. Zussman, Movers and Shakers: Kinetic Energy Harvesting for the Internet of Things, in Proc. ACM SIGMETRICS '14 (to appear) June 2014

The traces are also available via the CRAWDAD repository.