Maria Gorlatova

Postdoctoral Researcher
Wireless and Mobile Networking Lab (WimNet)
Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, NY

Current research interests: Architectures, algorithms, and protocols for emerging wireless and mobile networking devices and applications, with an emphasis on the enabling technologies for the Internet of Things.
Office: 801 CEPSR    
E-mail: maria dot gorlatova at caa dot columbia dot edu

Brief bio: Maria is a postdoctoral researcher at the Columbia University Department of Electrical Engineering WimNet Lab led by Professor Gil Zussman. Maria recently received the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University. Her Ph.D. dissertation, focused on networking ultra low power energy harvesting devices, was recognized with the highest departmental distinction (the Jury Award for Outstanding Achievement in Communications). Previously, Maria received the B.Sc. (Summa Cum Laude) and the M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Ottawa, Canada. She also previously worked as a research scientist, specializing in security of wireless networks, at Defense R&D Canada and at Telcordia Technologies Advanced Research. 

Maria is a recipient of the Columbia University Presidential Fellowship, Canadian Graduate Scholar (CGS) NSERC Fellowships, and the 2012 Google Anita Borg USA Fellowship. She is a co-recipient of the 2011 ACM SenSys Best Student Demo Award and the 2011 IEEE Communications Society Award for Advances in Communications. [ LinkedIn ] [ Blog ] [ Full CV ]


12/5/2013: John Sarik presented the results of our joint work on indoor light spectrum measurements at the IEEE GlobalSIP Symposium on Energy Harvesting and Green Wireless Communications (invited paper).

11/15/2013: I gave an invited talk titled "Characterizing New Environmental Energy Sources for the Internet of Things" at an undergraduate computer science and statistics STATW100 seminar at Columbia. The talk was focused on our light and motion energy measurement studies and characterizations.    

11/6/2013: I attended the 2013 Rising Stars in EECS Academic Career Workshop for Women organized by the MIT EECS Department (invited participant).

8/28/2013: I participated in this year's Women in Engineering Panel organized for the incoming graduate students. 

7/11/2013: Our study of object and human motion energy harvesting is profiled by the MIT Technology Review Physics ArXiv Blog. In this study we analyzed motion properties using a 40-participant dataset, and also collected and processed over 200 hours of motion information for different participants. Joint work with John Sarik and Mina Cong. [ Physics ArXiv Blog Article ] [ Report PDF ]

7/05/2013: I presented our work on student project organization within the EnHANTs umbrella project at the ACM Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ACM ITiCSE'13) held in Canterbury, UK. Joint work with John Sarik. [ Paper PDF ]

5/10/2013: I was awarded a Columbia University Electrical Engineering Department Jury Award for Outstanding Achievement in the areas of system communication and signal processing, the highest award given by the Department to a Ph.D. student. [ Award Info

4/24/2013: I successfully defended my Ph.D. dissertation titled "Energy Harvesting Networked Nodes: Measurements, Algorithms, and Prototyping".

4/18/2013: I presented a paper about the EnHANTs testbed at the IEEE INFOCOM'13 mini-conference. Additionally, jointly with Robert Margolies and Gil Zussman, I presented an EnHANTs testbed demonstration at the IEEE INFOCOM'13 demo session. [ Paper PDF ] [ Demo Abstract PDF ]

3/31/2013: Mina Cong presented a poster and gave a talk on her contributions to our kinetic energy measurements project at the 2013 Columbia University Science Journal Undergraduate Research Symposium. Out of 40 posters accepted to the Symposium, Mina's was one of only 4 chosen for an oral presentation.

3/20/2013: A high-quality recording of a talk I recently gave at Microsoft Research is available online. In this talk I introduced the EnHANTs project and talked about my contributions to the project and to the overall space of networking ultra-low-power energy harvesting nodes: environmental energy characterizations, energy harvesting adaptive algorithms, and testbed design and development. [ Talk Video ]

2/22/2013: I received a student travel grant to attend IEEE INFOCOM 2013.

2/15/2013: Gil Zussman gave a talk about our ongoing work on performance evaluations of energy harvesting adaptive algorithms at IEEE Information Theory and Applications Workshop (IEEE ITA'13) in San Diego, CA.

1/25/2013: I gave an invited talk at the AT&T Technology Security Group seminar in New York, NY.

1/23/2013: An EnHANTs demo will appear at the IEEE INFOCOM 2013 demo session. We look forward to presenting both the paper about the testbed and the functional adaptive testbed at the IEEE INFOCOM.  [ EnHANTs prototype and testbed description ]


11/23/2012: I gave an invited talk about the EnHANTs project and some of my contributions to it at the IEEE Ottawa Signal Processing Society Seminar Series in Ottawa, ON.

11/20/2012: My paper about the EnHANTs testbed has been accepted to the IEEE INFOCOM'13 mini-conference. The prototype and testbed development is joint work with students and faculty from the research groups that work on the EnHANTs project. [ Paper PDF ]

11/05/2012: An EnHANTs demo I contributed to was presented at the IDTechEx Energy Storage and Harvesting USA 2012 Conference in Washington, DC (invited demonstration). [ News Item ]

10/15/2012: Aya Wallwater gave a talk about our joint work on energy harvesting adaptive algorithms at the 2012 INFORMS Annual Meeting (Applied Probability in Energy and Risk Analysis Session) in Phoenix, AZ.

10/02/2012: I attended Grace Hopper in Baltimore, MD (conference attendance sponsored by Google for Google Anita Borg Fellows).

8/30/2012: I served on the Graduate Student Panel for Women in Engineering, conducted as part of new graduate student orientation in the Columbia University School of Engineering. [ A PDF of slides with some references I suggested to incoming Ph.D. students ]

8/17/2012: I attended ACM SIGCOMM 2012 in Helsinki, Finland (student travel grant recipient).

6/28/2012: My paper titled "Networking Low-Power Energy Harvesting Devices: Measurements and Algorithms" has been accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing. Joint work with Aya Wallwater. [ Paper PDF ]

6/25/2012: Jointly with Caleb Phillips, I organized the 2012 ACM MobiSys Ph.D. Forum in Low Woods Bay, UK. Great thanks to student presenters, and to forum panelists, David Chu, Samir R. Das, Marco Gruteser, and Thomas Moscibroda.

6/22/2012: I attended the Google Scholars Retreat in Mountain View, CA, organized by Google for recipients of different fellowships. During the retreat's poster session, I presented a poster titled "Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags for the Internet of Things".

6/18/2012: I gave a talk titled "Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags for Ubiquitous Object Networking" at the Workshop on Wireless Energy Transfer and Scavenging Techniques of the 2012 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IEEE IMS'12) in Montreal, QC (invited speaker).

6/03/2012: Yasmin Afsar presented a poster I co-authored, "Evaluating Photovoltaic Performance Indoors", at the 2012 IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference in Austin, TX. This work makes use of the indoor light energy traces I previously collected. [ Poster Abstract PDF ]

5/07/2012: I am honored to have been awarded the 2012 US Google Anita Borg Fellowship. [ Award Info ] [ News Item ] [ Columbia EE Dept. news item ]

3/18/2012: I gave an invited talk about the EnHANTs project at Disney Research Zurich/ETH.

2/05/2012: I am serving on the TPC of the EnHaNSS workshop of IEEE INSS 2012.

1/20/2012: I am co-chairing the 2012 MobiSys Ph.D. Forum. This forum gives Ph.D. students an opportunity to receive feedback on their work from leaders of the field.


12/10/2011: I attended IEEE GLOBECOM 2011 where I received our IEEE ComSoc paper award. [ News Item updated with a GLOBECOM photo ]

11/12/2011: I served as a student volunteer coordinator for the IEEE INFOCOM 2012 TPC Meeting. Great thanks to all student volunteers!

11/08/2011: Our demo received the Best Student Demo Award at the ACM SenSys 2011. Demo presented jointly with Robert Margolies and Gerald Stanje. [ Demo Abstract PDF ] [ Accompanying Poster PDF ] [ Video of the Demo ]

11/06/2011: My paper on location privacy in femtocell networks was presented at IEEE MILCOM 2011. The paper is based on a project completed during my internship at Disney Research Zurich. Joint work with Roberto Aiello and Stefan Mangold.

10/11/2011: I received a student travel grant for ACM SenSys 2011, and look forward to attending the conference.

9/20/2011: I have successfully defended my Ph.D. Thesis Proposal, completing the requirements for the M.Phil degree. My proposal defense committee members were professors Vishal Misra and Henning Schulzrinne.

9/01/2011: Jointly with Robert Margolies, Paul Miller, Sonal Shetkar, Gerald Stanje, Olivia Winn, and Jianxun Zhu we presented an EnHants mini-workshop at the Columbia University Electrical Engineering Department Open Labs session. [ News Item ]

9/01/2011: I served as a panelist on the Current Graduate Students Panel, held as a part of orientation activities for incoming graduate students in the Electrical Engineering Department. [ A PDF of a slide with some references I suggested to incoming graduate students ]

7/17/2011: Together with John Sarik I attended a workshop for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Change the World organized by Vodafone Americas Foundation for Vodafone Americas Foundation Wireless Innovation Project Winners in Boulder, CO.

6/29/2011:Jointly with Robert Margolies, Gerald Stanje, and Jianxun Zhu, I presented a demonstration of UWB-enabled EnHANT testbed at ACM MobiSys 2011 in Washington, DC. [ Demo abstract PDF ]

6/28/2011: I received the Best Speaker Award at the ACM MobiSys 2011 PhD Forum.

5/16/2011: I received a student travel grant for the ACM MobiSys 2011.

5/15/2011: The indoor irradiance dataset I have been collecting and analyzing has been added to CRAWDAD. [ Dataset on CRAWDAD ] [ Our INFOCOM paper summarizing the study ] [ Additional dataset details ]

5/13/2011: My paper titled "Managing Location Privacy in Cellular Networks with Femtocell Deployments" was presented in the IEEE WiOpt 2011 Workshop on Indoor and Outdoor Femtocells. Joint work with Roberto Aiello and Stefan Mangold.

5/10/2011: I presented my paper titled "Performance Evaluation of Resource Allocation Policies for Energy Harvesting Devices" at IEEE WiOpt 2011 in Princeton, NJ. Joint work with Andrey Bernstein. [ Paper PDF ]

4/15/2011: A paper I wrote jointly with the EnHANTs Project PIs (Peter Kinget, John Kymissis, Dan Rubenstein, Xiaodong Wang, and Gil Zussman) won the 2011 IEEE Communications Society Award for Outstanding Paper on New Communication Topics, which will be presented at the IEEE GLOBECOM 2011. [ News item ] [ Columbia School of Engineering News Item ] [ Paper PDF ]

4/13/2011: I have presented my paper titled "Networking Low-Power Energy Harvesting Devices: Measurements and Algorithms" (joint work with Aya Wallwater) at the IEEE INFOCOM 2011 (~16% acceptance rate). [ Paper PDF ]

4/13/2011: I have presented a poster titled "Networking Smart Toys with Wireless ToyBridge and ToyTalk", authored by Stefan Shmid, myself, Domenico Giustiniano, Vladimir Vukadinovic, and Stefan Mangold at IEEE INFOCOM 2011 poster session. [ Poster PDF ]

1/07/2011: I am spending the Spring semester at a research internship at Disney Research in Zurich, Switzerland. My research supervisor is Stefan Mangold.


11/21/2010: Together with Zainab Noorbhaiwala, Hao Wang and Alex Smith I presented the EnHANTs project and the EnHANTs testbed demo at the Columbia University annual Scientists and Engineers for a Better Society (SEBS) Research Fair. [ News Item ]

11/16/2010: I presented the EnHANTs Project at the IDTechEx Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2010 conference (invited talk) in Boston, MA.

09/22/2010: Together with Zainab Noorbhaiwala I presented the EnHANTs prototype demo at the ACM MobiCom 2010 Demo Session in Chicago, IL. [ News Item ] [ Demo abstract PDF ]

08/22/2010: We presented an EnHANTs demo to Terry Kramer, president of Vodafone Americas.

08/02/2010: I received a student travel grant for the ACM MobiCom 2010, and look forward to attending the conference.

06/25/2010: I organized the N^2 Women meeting at IEEE SECON 2010 in Boston, MA. Our guest speaker was Professor Muriel Medard.

06/25/2010: Together with Tarun Sharma, I presented a demo of EnHANT prototypes at IEEE SECON 2010 in Boston, MA. [ News item ] [ Demo abstract PDF ]

01/28/2010: I attended the 2010 Google GRAD CS Forum in Mountain View, CA.

2009 and prior 

09/25/2009: I organized the N^2 Women meeting at ACM MobiCom'09.

09/25/2009: I presented my paper titled "Challenge: Ultra-Low-Power Energy-Harvesting Active Networked Tags (EnHANTs)", at ACM MobiCom 2009 (~10% acceptance rate) in Beijing, China. Joint work with Peter Kinget, John Kymissis, Dan Rubenstein, Xiaodong Wang, and Gil Zussman. [ Paper PDF ]

08/02/2009: I received a student travel grant for the ACM MobiCom 2009 and look forward to attending the conference.

04/02/2008: I was awarded the Columbia University Presidential Fellowship that will fully cover tuition and provide a stipend for 4 years in the Columbia University Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program.

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