Four Recent Presentations and Publications

Created on Thursday, 18 October 2012

Four different publications and presentations have been recently contributed by different members of the EnHANTs project:

  • GE Student Research Summit Presentation: A poster by Meng Wang, Hao Wang, Felipe Duque, Jianxun Zhu, Baradwaj Vigraham and Peter Kinget titled "Ultra-Wide Band Radio (IR-UWB) Enabled Testbed for EnHANTs"  was presented by Meng Wang at the 2012 GE Student Research Summit at the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, NY. This poster presents the new version of UWB IR communications board for the EnHANTs prototypes. The new board achieved 10x faster  transmission speed between mote and FPGA, 50x less interrupts for the mote, 100x faster data rate over the air than previous version.
  • INFORMS 2012 Annual Meeting Presentation: Aya Wallwater gave a talk titled "Networking Low-Power Energy Harvesting Devices: Measurements and Algorithms" at the 2012 INFORMS Annual Meeting (Applied Probability in Energy and Risk Analysis session) in Phoenix, Arizona. This talk summarized energy harvesting adaptive policies developed for the EnHANTs by Aya Wallwater, Maria Gorlatova, and Gil Zussman.
  • IEEE ISSCC'13 Paper: A paper by Baradwaj Vigraham and Peter Kinget titled "A Self-Duty-Cycled and Synchronized UWB Receiver SoC Consuming 375pJ/bit for -76.5dBm Sensitivity at 2Mbps" was accepted for presentation at the 2013 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC'13). This paper demonstrates a fully synchronized UWB receiver System-On-Chip which can process received RF signals into clocked digital bits out. Aimed at use for receiver nodes in EnHANTS, the receiver automatically (and predictively) powers itself down to save power. The receiver has been measured in a wired link and achieves a fully synchronized single-user communication link - one step closer to a fully multiple-access capable EnHANTs network.
  • Engineering Women's Forum Presentation and Demonstration: Luis Pena, Robert Margolies, and Maria Gorlatova presented the EnHANTs to the attendees of the Columbia University Engineering Women Forum.

Engineering Women Forum EnHANTs Presentation and Demonstration.