EnHANTs Demo at the ACM MobiCom 2010

Created on Friday, 24 September 2010

An EnHANTs demo, titled Prototyping Energy Harvesting Active Networked Tags: Phase II MICA Mote-based Devices, was presented by Zainab Noorbhaiwala and Maria Gorlatova and in the ACM MobiCom'10 demo session on September 22nd, 2010 in Chicago, IL.

In this demo the phase II EnHANT prototypes were presented. Phase II prototypes are based on MICA2 motes integrated with custom energy harvesting and storage components. The prototypes base their communication decisions on the parameters of their energy harvesting and storage components, demonstrating energy harvesting-adaptive communications. A custom-designed monitoring system is used to interactively demonstrate prototypes’ adjustments to environmental energy availability conditions.

demo 1

EnHANTs MobiCom 2010 Demo Description.